Western Bay EPIC – 2 Day Package

Track sections:

Mountain biking is a great way to experience the particular scenery from the Great Lake trail. Where else in the world do you ride down a water fall and see the stunning views of the lake?

Day 1 – Waihora & Waihaha Grade 3

Distance 30km - Approx 4 - 6 hours riding. Boat transfer 30 minutes.

You'll meet us at our base in Acacia Bay or in Kinloch where we will set off by vehicle to the start of the Waihaha section of the Great Lake trail to begin your riding leg.

This trail has breath taking views of the Waihaha river canyon and waterfall (a must see hidden gem). It is surrounded by lush native bush including Tanekaha (celery pine) which is endemic to this region of the North Island. You will also see large outcrops of ancient volcanic rocks along the trail. The trail is on a mixture of pumice and natural dirt trails that descend into Kotukutuku Stream – via bridges and board walks to waterfall, then to lake edge.

At the Kotukutuku landing (a tranquil bay) you will be met by the boat transporter, where we will load bikes and head back to Kinloch. Acacia Bay (if big group) whilst eating a packed lunch.

On this trip part of the group could just ride the Waihora leg only making the journey 17km approx. 2hours riding.

Day 2 – Orakau and K2K (Kawakawa Bay to Kinloch) Grade 3

Distance 19km – Approx 2.5-3 hours

Start at Whangamata road car park, and finish in Kinloch or Whakaipo Bay.

On this Ride you will follow the trail down Orakau stream and through flax wetlands, native bush to Kawakawa Bay (beautiful bay on lake edge) – along the way see Tongariro national park. From Kawakawa bay start steadily climbing rough native bush to headland which provides great views over Lake Taupo, at headland you will start descending back down into Kinloch, for a lunch break then continue onto W2K if you want too.

On this trip part of the group could just ride the Orakau leg and have a boat transfer back to Kinloch. Additional Boat Transfer charge may apply.

Per Person Prices – for number of people in group. 1 2 3 4+
2 days of shuttle transport (to/ from base or Taupo) and boat transfer. $220 $220 $220 $195
GROUP TOTAL (for number of people) $220 $440 $660 $780
Optional Extras – per person        
Bike Hire for 2 days $100 $100 $100 $100
Guiding for 2 days $360 $180 $120 $90
Packed lunch for 2 days $40 $40 $40 $40

These prices include DOC (Department of Conservation) track fees.

Guiding Price adjustment:
If an individual (1 person (solo flyer) – if another booking comes through your fee will reduce to $90.00 per day

Additional Track Blurb:
Please refer to our Mountain Biking section for additional information