Timber Trail

DISTANCE: 85km (40km Pureora Village to Piropiro, 45km Piropiro to Ongarue)
ESTIMATED TIME: Cycling 1-2 days | Walking 3-4 Days

DESCRIPTION: Experience the feeling of being suspended in time, as you begin your ride along the 85km Timber Trail. Boasting some of the highest and longest suspension bridges in New Zealand, the Timber Trail weaves its way through ancient forest, across ancestral lands of local Maori Tribes, and along part of the historic Ongarue Tramway.

The Timber Trail is nestled in Pureora Forest, between Lake Taupo and Te Kuiti, in the Central North Island. Begin your journey at Pureora Village in the north, ending at Ongarue in the south. Experience the full grandeur of the forest, open to cyclists and walkers alike. Whether a day out with the family, a group ride (or walk) with like-minded people, or maybe even a team building experience, The Timber Trail offers something for everyone.

Ride the whole trail in one day for an epic full experience or let us set-up camp for you overnight at Piroporo for a more leisurely two day experience. Lodge accommodation can also be sorted if camping is not your thing. Bag drops of your own camping gear can also be done as part of you shuttle service.


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